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Arabic Love Language course Includes:- 

:- Glossary of Love & Romantic Arabic Phrases & Terms
-Flattering and affection words in Arabic Language (For man or woman)
-How to introduce yourself to His/her family members
-Arabic Body Language & Gestures For lovers
-Arabic Conversation & helpful dialogues For dates and meetings

For 1st Time Online Arabic Love Course  by Lighthouse Arabic Academy & Prof / Ahmed Elswify 

This course For you :-

If you are one of the many people that want to start learning a second language because your significant other has a different native language. Helping ease the communication barrier between you and your partner or a sweet gesture to learn more about their heritage. This Course focuses on romantic & Love Arabic phrases and terms of affection to help make your bond stronger.


Lighthouse Arabic Academy - Egito e Centro Egípcio - Brasil apresentam:
O curso intensivo de Língua Árabe em português para iniciantes e turistas!
Fácil e divertido : como falar árabe na vida diária e como se comunicar com pessoas em todos os lugares.
(Incluindo: conversação - vocabulários, gramática - diálogos) tudo em uma única série educacional!
Apresentado por Prof: Ahmed Elswify
Nível 1

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Quer aprender a Língua Árabe com um verdadeiro mestre egípcio?
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Nossos DVDs vão te ajudar a estudar em casa, no melhor horário pra você!!
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Praticidade e qualidade com um preço super especial!

Essential Arabic Course for Belly Dancers and Performers. Downloadable DVD Learn an Arabic song with Practical applications

Course Duration : 2 hours and 45 Minutes

The course Includes

the ,Guide Book, and Song translation explaining essential key-phrases, key-words, and the common Arabic phrases and vocabularies used for Arabic songs plus practical application with an Arabic Song”shaabi” including Translation ,Analysis, & Culture Notes for the song.

This Course will Teach You : -

How to make such a harmony between your performance and the Arabic songs' meanings and Helping you to perform Better!!

- How to interpret those meanings to your audience and how to put them into your performance

This course has been taught to many dance teachers around the world & in many international Dance Festivals in Egypt like Ahlan Wa Sahlan ... etc To Purchase the course you can Purchase it Online at our Online Bookstore Or send us email at: or

The Instructor: -

Ahmed Elswify Arabic language Teacher, Linguist & Cross-Cultural Trainer

MD & Bachelor of Arabic Language and Literature and arabic Culture- Cairo University -

Participated teaching in many international dance & Cultural festivals ( Ahlan wa sahlan- Salamat masr- Leila masryea- crazy nights festival " In Argentina " Share' Elharam Manager of Lighthouse Arabic Center – Egypt ..

Arabic Body Language Dictionary & ABL MASTER COURSE IN ONE Master Course >>>9 Master Classes & ABL dictionary vol1 WITH Free ACCESS to our optional online TEST + Free International ABL Certificate !

For the 1st Time for Performers AND Belly Dancers & musicians /Actresses Semiology & The Secrets Of Arabic Body Language gestures & signals From Academic Studies to Practical Applications

ABL DICTIONARY contains many of arabic body gestures and secrets ....

Lighthouse Arabic Academy Course Level A1 ( 6 Months ACCESS : LIMITED OFFER )  

Master the Arabic language through our world-renowned Complete Arabic course. The nearest you’ll get to having a personal language tutor without being in a classroom.Written by Arabic language expert and using native speakers, our Complete Arabic language course will give you a good grounding in the grammar, and sentence structure needed to communicate effectively and confidently in Arabic. as the course covers a mixture of social, travel and business scenarios and includes a wide range of course material to help you master the Arabic language. Not only that, but you’ll develop an active vocabulary of all daily life situations.

The course contains :-
Level A1
Arabic Alphabet 
Arabic Greetings & Expressions 
How to introduce yourself 
Arabic Definite & indefinite Nouns & Articles 
Arabic Nouns"Genders & Plural & Dual
Arabic Pronouns"Subject & object Pronouns
Arabic Numbers
Asking informational questions & how to answer
Asking Alternative questions 
Arabic Adjectives

Describing  People in Arabic

Colors In Arabic

Shopping In arabic Language